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Welcome to Capsicum, my development journal.

Hi there

I decided to start this journal to have a place to capture my process as I practice programming and try out new techniques and methods. The notes and ideas I publish in this journal are deliberately published openly and are free for anyone to read or use as they like (check out the license in case you have questions), but I can’t promise that the content you find here will be polished or even particularly coherent. However, I’m actually a pretty good writer; I studied technical writing in graduate school and also write regularly on the District Data Labs blog. There you will find posts I’ve written on machine learning, visual diagnostics, getting into open source, goals for the intermediate data scientist, and other topics.

Tears, pain, and temporary blindness

Capsicum is used in lachrymatory agents and can cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness. Because this is a journal about my adventures in programming, it seemed an apt name. Read more here.

A Parrot Trainer Eats Crow

In this post, we'll consider how it is that models trained on massive datasets using millions of parameters can be both "low bias" and al...… Continue reading

Embedded Binaries for Go

Published on February 06, 2021